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Our Services


Lawn Mowing/Lawn Maintenance:  
  Residential and Commercial
   Spring Clean Up:      
    Removal of all debris- including limbs, trash, and any left over leaves         Repairing of any plow damage from the winter
Fall Clean Up:      
  Removal of leaves, dead limbs, and a general cleanup of your property
Thatching and Raking       
 Removal of dead grass, giving your lawn a chance to grow.  A build up of dead grass( micro organisms), creates a barrier that water and air cannot penetrate.
    Re-seeding your lawn to give it a fuller healthier look.
Lawn Aerating        
Removes soil cores  and allows the cores to break down on the surface redistributing valuable  nutrients to your lawn.    
Shrub Trimming        
 Bushes and shrubs will be professionally manicured to your liking! All clippings will be removed from your property.
Landscape Design and Plantings     
    We will design,plant shrubs, plants, and flowers to help keep your lawn looking great all season long.   
  Mulch, Stone and Top Soil       
  We will deliver and install materials in quantities of 1 yard or greater
Gutter Cleaning  (some restrictions apply)          
We remove debris and leaves from your gutters to allow water to flow away from your home  any prevent water damage  (some restrictions apply)